Congratulations to Abigail Gex on receiving a scholarship through the John H. Runge Endowed Scholarship Fund!

John H. Runge Endowed Scholarship

In March of 2007, HAGGL created the John H. Runge Endowed Scholarship in the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin. The scholarship was created with the support of the Runge family, to honor the memory of John H. Runge. John was a long-time Houston SBA Professional, a graduate and former football player at the University of Texas and one of the founders of HAGGL.

Dear Mr. Gary Henderson,

I am extremely grateful for your contribution to the John H. Runge Endowed Scholarship fund, so that  students, such as myself, may continue pursuing higher education at the McCombs School of Business at The  University of Texas at Austin.

I am originally from Houston, TX. In high school, I was an AP Distinguished Scholar, competed in Business  Professionals of America and Academic Decathlon, and lead in National Honor Society and Student Council. I  chose to come to The University of Texas because of their highly ranked academics, especially in business, their  lower-priced tuition, and their availability of financial aid. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to attend a  world-class four-year university.

Currently, I am a Junior based on credit hours, but I am just starting my second year here in Austin. I am looking  to specialize my business major in Finance with a Plan II Honors dual-degree and hopefully add in a minor in  Art History. I am involved in an Investing Organization on campus called Texas Equity Group where I learn  financial fundamentals, how to pitch stocks, and how to manage a real portfolio of about $17,000. I am also  involved in Women in Business and my sorority, Chi Omega. With more opportunities becoming available this  year, I am looking forward to volunteering more around Austin. This summer I interned in the Finance and  Insurance Department at a Ford Dealership in Odessa, Texas. I gained valuable professional experience in  communication, time management, organization, and presentation. In McCombs, I enjoyed my Management  Information Systems class last semester because we were able to sometimes meet in a classroom and the course  addressed the technological aspects of current day business-practices. We learned about Excel, SQL Databases,  computers and the internet, and we read many case-studies oflarge corporations who attribute technology for  their success or for their downfalls. My extra curriculars and courses I have taken in college are preparing me to  be an integral worker in my future career in the business sector.

As of now, I am expected to graduate in May of 2024. I am pursuing my interest in an Investment Banking career.  I plan to learn more about the specifics of this career and possibly recruit with banks in the Spring. This  scholarship has allowed me to utilize more resources in McCombs because I do not have to worry about securing  a part-time or full-time jobs during the semester. I can focus on connecting with professionals, investing in my  classes, and learning and leading in my extracurriculars.

Thank you again for your donation to the John H. Runge Endowed Scholarship. I am beyond appreciative  of your investment in my education.


Abigail Gex