Once a month, we will be highlighting our HAGGL Partners. Let us introduce you to Stephen Mayers, ECA, Certified Appraiser & Liquidations for the Gulf Coast!

Stephen Mayers
BoldBids Appraisals & Liquidations

Stephen Mayers, has over 20 years of business consulting experience. He holds a Certification as an Auctioneer and a National Certification in Machinery and Equipment Appraisals.

Since 2009 Mr. Mayers has overseen the daily operations of Bold Bids Appraisals and Liquidations-a National Machinery, Equipment and Inventory Appraisal Firm.

His knowledge of Machinery and Business comes from a vast array of personal working experience; starting as a teenager in his father’s commercial office furniture business and transitioning to an auctioneer for oil and gas minerals.

Diversifying and serving banks as a substitute trustee for nationwide foreclosures has given insight and depth into consumer practices and global business markets.  Mr. Mayers understands machines and the people who run them. His background allows him to understand and easily work with every level of personnel from small business owner’s to large international companies.

Mr. Mayers currently specializes in Machinery/Equipment Appraisals and Liquidations including State & Municipal Agencies, Banking Institutions, Law Firms, CPA/Accounting Firms, and companies across most industries including international corporations.

His understanding of trend analysis and how it potentially impacts a company allows him advise businesses on their current assets and future valuations.  

He has been awarded the professional designation of CMEA by the National Equipment Business Brokers Institute and ECA by the Institute of Equipment Valuation. These organizations are made up of Trusted Advisors including Attorney’s, CPA’s, Business Brokers, and Financial professionals. As a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser, Mr. Mayers is trained and compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (U.S.P.A.P.).

Mr. Mayers has the following credentials:

•   ECA-Equipment Certified Appraiser

•   CMEA-Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser

•   CAI Indiana University-Bloomington, IN

•   CSBA – Certified Senior Business Analyst

•   Currently owns and operates 3 successful businesses

•   Provides expert court testimony when called upon to do so

Stephen Mayers serves banks and businesses Nationwide with a focus on the U.S. Gulf Coast.