Once a month, we will be highlighting our HAGGL Partners.

Let us introduce you to Porterfield Lending Solutions & Trileaf!

  • If your borrower stops making payments

  • If you need to foreclose or liquidate collateral

  • If you want to claim your SBA guaranty

Larry Porterfield at Porterfield Lending Solutions can help you with any of the above, and more.

Larry is a Lender Service Provider and works to help you maximize your recovery from the borrower, from collateral, and from the SBA. Larry can prepare your entire Guaranty Purchase Package or consult with you through the process.

With over 30 years of SBA lending experience, Larry can also help you with many other SBA-related matters, including servicing requests, 1502 reporting, and loan file review (did you close it right? – are you servicing it right?).

Give Larry a call at 713-806-0229 or email him at LarryDPorterfield@gmail.com

Trileaf is a specialized environmental, architecture, and engineering firm with clients in all 50 states and throughout Canada. Known for completing large volumes of small-to-medium-sized projects across large geographies, we have the expertise our clients require.

Trileaf has worked closely with Banks, Credit Unions, Private Lenders, REITs, and CDCs on SBA, USDA, and conventional Real Estate lenders for over 30 years. We are intimately aware of ASTM and SBA procedures, requirements, and nuances to assist all our clients with their unique needs.

Consistent, Responsive, and Cost Effective

These are hallmarks of the Trileaf experience. Consistency is a primary aspect of our service. Through our specialized Client Groups, an industry-specific project manager acts as your Single Point of Contact (POC) for Trileaf services, providing expertise and responsiveness while developing insights into your needs as our client.

Services Offered


Transaction Screen Assessments

Phase I ESAs

Phase II ESAs

Property Condition Assessments

Vapor Intrusion Studies

Seismic Risk Analysis


Asbestos (ACM) Analysis

Lead Based Paint (LBP) Analysis

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments