Once a month, we will be highlighting our HAGGL Partners.

Let us introduce you to Hird, Chu, Lawji & Manji and Environmental Performance, Inc.

HIRD, CHU, LAWJI & MANJI has been Industry Professionals since 1996. We have legal knowledge and experience that no other company can provide. We can provide exceptional document preparation services and have expertise in 504 and 7A loans. Our team has tremendous knowledge in closing SBA loans for about 26 years and has 1 out of the only 5 attorneys in Texas that are certified for SBA document preparation.

Our mission is to provide all clients with exceptional high-quality service by providing professional legal services through legal representation. We want to be your one-stop shop for all your legal needs! Give us a call today.

Arif Lawji

Attorney at Law


Call/Text: 832-647-8860